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Cabo Matapalo, the hidden surf paradise

Experienced surfers say Cabo Matapalo has one of the best waves on the Earth. Beginner surfers say it has the best beaches to learn how to surf. As the point break waves are almost empty, the beaches are clean and the surrounding nature is unbelievably pure, no surprise that this unique location attracts many surf enthusiasts to take their skills to the next level.

Cabo Matapalo is located in the south of Costa Rica, on the Osa Peninsula. It offers beaches for all surf levels, all year around.

Surf coaching for all levels

While Cabo Matapalo offers beaches for every surf level, I also have the experience of coaching beginner to advanced level surfers.


You have never been on a surfboard before, but you have always wanted to give it a go. In level 1, we start with the basics of surfing and water safety. Learn how to paddle, pop up, and catch waves!
Level 1 may be a good option for those who have surfed before, but without any prior coaching or if a long time has passed. A great option for those looking to start from scratch!


You are able to paddle out past broken waves and you are catching your own waves. You may occasionally need an extra push into the wave or assistance with line-up positioning and wave selection. You have an understanding of turning and trimming along the wave, but could use improvement in this area.

Intermediate or Higher

You have been surfing for at least a few years and are fully capable of surfing alone. You are able to link turns and do basic maneuvers, but would like to improve or build upon your current skill set.

This is Eddie, your surf instructor

Hi! My name is Eddie. I was born and raised in Cabo Matapalo, which means I know the local waves very well around my home town, Cabo Matapalo.

I speak fluent English, I love to surf and I enjoy teaching a lot. I would be happy to be your next surf instructor in this special location, Cabo Matapalo.

Why Cabo Matapalo Surf School

ISA (International Surf Association) certified guide

More than 15+ years of experience on local waves

More than 10+ years of surf coaching

Book your session

Let’s take you on they waves of your life!

Whether you are interested in a private surf class or in surf guiding to the best secret spots, we got you covered.

Pricing: 90$/person

Timing: 2 hours (30 minutes on land, 1,5 hours in water)

What’s included:
– English speaking surf guide
– Private surf class
– Surfboard

Please inquire for special prices for groups and families.

Ride the best waves

Want to explore some secret spots of Cabo Matapalo?

Being a local means I know the best surf spots & tides in the area with almost empty waves. Join me if you want to get on more waves while exploring the highlights of this incredible area.

Pricing: depends on you needs, please inquire for details

What’s included:
– Spanish & English speaking surf guide
– Private surf guiding
– Surfboard

Pavones Surf Tours

Pavones, one of the world’s most famous surfing spot is only a 20-minutes boat ride from our surf school. If you want to explore this special location* and experience some extremely long left point breaks, we are happy to take you to Pavones and guide you there.

Timing: from 6 am to 12 pm or full day

Price: the price of the tour depends on the size of your group, please inquire for details

*If you are not into surfing but still want to explore Pavones, we offer private boat tours as well. Contact is for pricing and details!

Need to fix your board?

Surfing is fun, but sometimes we need to face some challenges.

If you need an urgent help to fix your board, we are happy to help. Walter, our experienced partner is an expert of fixing any type of issues with your board, so you can come back to the water as soon as possible.

Contact him directly for details.

Surfing is FUN!

Ready to take your surf skills to the next level?

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